The Process / Where We Build

If you have no plans drawn:

Call for a consultation and a site appraisal. We will determine if your goals are achievable then assist you with plans organising a specialist architect and expert engineers who are the best in their fields. They will create a unique home to your individual requirements within your budget.


This Stage is where Central Coast Luxury Homes applied perfectionism is demonstrated, and the reason for our many satisfied customers is made clear as a quality builder Central Coast. Your home will be built to exacting standards keeping in constant communication with you with our monthly report and our fortnightly site visits. You will see how it all goes together and how your house is crafted in detail, you will be kept in the loop every step of the way.

If you have architectural plans and no engineering plans:

Call for a consultation and site appraisal and we will assess the plans and make sure we can create your unique home for the required budget. Then we can organise the best engineer if required for your home.


The exciting moment when we deliver your keys to you, and you take possession of your pride and joy, secure in the knowledge that Central Coast Luxury Homes after sales is incomparable. Fully backed up with a six year, Free Structural Guarantee period with an ongoing property maintenance service available upon request.

If you have detailed plans and are ready to build:

Contact us & let us know your details and we will organise a site meeting to discuss all the requirements in the plans and all of your individual needs. At this stage we can produce a detailed quotation.

Acceptance of quotation:

The contract is explained in full, then signed and a schedule of works is produced. A commencement date will be set for the construction of your new home.

Where we build:

We have become very well-known for building in difficult and challenging locations. Owing to the difficult location each site we build is unique. Whether it’s, water charged, rocky, sloping, bushfire rated, water front and or landslip we are able to address the individual site requirements. We love a challenge and the engineering requirements that come along with such sites. We also build beautiful homes on easy sites as well.

And beyond:

There is no need for our new relationship to end when you get your keys. All of our Clients feel secure knowing Central Coast Luxury Homes applied perfectionism rains at your service.

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